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Built on Reliability

NBE Automation systems provide the ability to double or even triple production on the shop floor by continuously feeding sheet metal to the cutting laser. NBE offers a wide selection of modular and custom components to fit your facilities’ needs.

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Custom made systems to accommodate up to 19 storage trays, capable of holding 6600 lbs. of material. 1-4 Bay systems available, and can include multiple offloading stations such as conveyers or motorized under/over carts.

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Sheet separation is achieved via rocker pads, fanning magnet and air knife, with a double sheet detector confirmation capable of measuring down to 24 Ga material. Out-cycle time is 45-60 seconds based on sheet thickness and user parameters for sheet separation for a single bay system.

*Automation is shown faster in video for effect

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Automation Systems

5x10 Compact (1).jpg
5x10 single bay.jpg
2mx4m 4-Bay (1).jpg

Compact 5x10

Shown as standard unit 

North Bend Equipment's smaller economic laser automation machine machine offers one raw material pallet and one finished good pallet. It’s a good way to add another shift to your laser cutter and free up your operator..

5'X10' Modular Bay System

Shown as a single bay system

The 5'X10' and 2MX4M are available with up to 4 'bays' for dual laser configurations with
multiple outputs. These systems have a flexible storage tower and can pair with ball transfer tables, shuttle carts,
and belt conveyors to move finished parts after cutting.

2MX4M Modular Bay System

Shown as a 4 bay system

Both 5'X10' and 2MX4M systems come with a flexible storage tower that can accommodate up to 19 shelves for a high density configuration
(6600lb 2.5" payload) or a standard 10 shelf (6600lb 8" payload).

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Material Storage Towers

Stand alone Storage towers increase workplace safety and product security by providing a secure and controlled delivery method for heavy pallets of sheet stored overhead. By investing in vertical storage, you can reduce your storage footprint by combining multiple sheet metal racks into a single tower that feeds your processing machines directly.

Laser Automation: Products
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